GPS was created to give an international standard security service in Bali with these points in consideration:

Bali being an international tourist destination; the safety and security of the island is one of the main priorities of foreign and domestic tourists wanting to come to Bali.

Development in Bali during the past few years has seen many foreign and domestic investors develop businesses here. One of the most important aspects of foreign investors’ is the safety and security of their business and staff.

Currently there is climate of fear associated with Bali due to terrorist activities in the past. Our mission is to supply safety and security in every aspect of your business.

The international community considers Bali to be a much safer place than in the recent past. Many countries have lifted travel warnings to our destination. Our mission is to maintain this status.

GPS Network

GPS would like to thank our local partners for their continued support.
These include:

  • Police
  • K-9 Dog Squad
  • TNI-AD (Army)
  • TNI-AL (Navy)
  • TNI-AU (Air Force)
  • Brimob Anti-terror
  • Pecalang (Local Security)
  • Internationally Experienced Bodyguards

GPS Mission

  • Consistency in carrying out our duties & always trying to achieve the best result possible.
  • To be the highest quality security service provider in Bali. We aim to lift security to an international standard in all regions of Bali
  • With training modules incorporated from western level standards, we supervise, train & provide refresher training programs in-house to ensure our staffs’ standard remain at acceptable levels.
  • GPS is run by an Australian expatriate with over 20 years experience in the Security Industry. Combined with an understanding of Balinese and Indonesian culture to assist in increasing the overall safety of all persons in Bali.

GPS Vision

To be the best security providing company by improving the quality of our service to our clients in all aspects of business

GPS Motto

  • Credibility
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty

GPS Operational Licenses

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It is an honor for PT. Garda Perkasa Satria to maintain our relationship of trust with our partners that continue to support us.