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Junglebox – Paradise in Bali Event Security Protocols 14th -15th November 2010

PT GPS Security is owned & operated by an Australian expatriate with extensive international security experience. The company provides a full range of security services across Bali.

Jungle Box will work closely with PT GPS for their extensive local knowledge and their past experience with similar events. We have a reputation for outstanding service that has previously and without fault, secured the safety of all patrons at our partners’ events.

The security plan for this event is a multi-layered one using many resources. This includes the intimate knowledge of the local security personnel that work at the GWK on a daily basis, as well as the Police, Military, Police trained K-9 bomb detection unit that will be checking vehicle access points as part of our team.

We will be also supporting the local community by using the local banjar security personnel called “Pecalang”. They will be dressed in their traditional uniform of black & white checks. Pecalang have extensive knowledge of the local residents and business people in the surrounding areas to the venue. Their staff will assist our team in identifying any possible threats that may become apparent at the event, additionally they will provide traffic control in and around GWK.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) - Paradise in Bali Venue

Upon arrival at GWK, a strong security presence will noticed by patrons immediately. Security located at the entry point will consist of several agencies working in cooperation to ensure only those that adhere to all security & safety checks will be permitted entry into the venue.

When you come to the first security check-point you will see a specialist police bomb detection team. There will also be some armed police officers located at this first security check-point. There is no need to be alarmed when you see this. They are there for your safety and protection and are there as a precautionary measure only.

We ask Paradise Patrons to display courtesy to all our of the security staff whilst they conduct a sweep of your vehicle. This should only take a few minutes.

Jungle Box staff will then greet you at the doors of GWK where you will present your Paradise ticket before entering the Lotus Pond. Once inside the venue you will notice a higher concentration of security personnel than you may have previously experienced at an event of this kind in the past. This is to ensure that the area is secure at all times during the event.

In many instances, English is a second language to many of our security staff, so please be patient with them should they ask you to present your identification or Paradise passes when you are moving through the venue or requesting access to certain areas.

There are pre-determined areas that are accessible only through the appropriate ID passes. These have been distributed by Jungle Box to employees, artists, security and press. You are required to have your ID with you at all times. If you have lost or misplaced your pass: please see a Junglebox representative immediately. Do not attempt to access areas that are clearly signposted as restricted access. Any persistence to gain entry into a restricted area will result in your immediate removal from the venue.

As guests of Indonesia, everyone is bound by the rules, laws & regulations of their country. Please familiarize yourself with all regulations. Everyone involved with Paradise in Bali looks forward to a great event, and through mutual respect and consideration, the event will be a positive and memorable experience for all.

Kind regards,

Mr. Nick Ortcoski


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